Spring-Operated Pallet Lifter MO787 | KLETON

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Spring-Operated Pallet Lifter

Model: MO787

  • Platform Dimensions: 43-5/8" L x 43-5/8" W
  • Capacity: 4400 lbs.
  • Raised Height: 27.75"
  • Lowered Height: 9.5"
  • Frame Material: Steel
  • Base Frame Dimensions: 45-1/4" L x 36-3/4" W
  • Shock absorber and heavy-duty springs allow the top of the load to remain at a convenient height by raising and lowering the pallet as its weight changes
  • Equipped with forklift pockets for easy relocation
  • Rotating top minimizes worker movement
  • Ergonomic design helps prevent workplace injuries
  • Easy to assemble